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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this page is to inform you how I utilize information sent by your Web browsers.

Data Tracking

This site is hosted by, which provides facilities for logging visits to their users' web sites. These data live on their servers.

This site does not use tracking information for advertising, nor do I share information with any other organizations. The server logs automatically maintained by the Web host will contain the WAN IP address from which you connected, as well as information that identifies the type of browser you used when connecting (e.g., Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer).


Cookies are small text files that get stored on the client side (i.e., on the device connecting to the Web site). Most don't use cookies for any malicious purposes (such as tracking your browsing habits), but are necessary to implement systems that allow you to create accounts and log in to accounts, which requires a persistent session. Since HTTP doesn't facilitate persistent connections, cookies are used to remember authorized users. Without these session cookies, you'd be forced to log in every time you connected to the server. Alternatively, the Web site developer could keep the session data in the URL (located in your address bar on your browser), but this is problematic, because you don't want to share URLs containing your private session authentication token with other people.

This site currently does not utilize any cookies for anything, so none should be set by this site on your devices.